Custom molded 3/4 length polyethylene orthotics

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3/4 length, low density, polyethylene, custom molded orthotic for high activity use. Low density polyethylene allows a very supportive custom fit but flexible allowing full articulation of foot and ankle in motion.
Fits all shoes including; athletic shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, and many more.

Low density polyethylene orthotics made from the impression of your feet with a 3/4 trim line just past the ball of the foot. This trim line allows the orthotics to fit most every type of shoe.



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custom molded foot orthotics
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7 reviews for Custom molded 3/4 length polyethylene orthotics

  1. Sage (verified owner)

    Terrific quality. Custom fit from foam molds taken of YOUR feet. My feet feel supported in a way I never could achieve with The Good Feet Store orthotics, at a FRACTION of the cost. I’m a nurse and on my feet ALL DAY. These have drastically reduced my foot and leg pain/fatigue at the end of the shift.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

  3. Susan O’Daniel (verified owner)

    The orthotics fit my arches perfectly and provided great support.

  4. Mike M. (verified owner)

  5. Harvey B. (verified owner)

  6. Tim Q. (verified owner)

    The orthotics fit my feet perfectly. My knee pain is almost gone.

  7. Tim Q. (verified owner)

    These insoles fit my wife perfectly and she really likes the way her shoes fit and feel with the insoles in them.

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