From tired, aching feet holding you back…

to properly supported feet…

allowing you to Get up and Go!!

SoleymyFeet offers two options of custom molded orthotics. Our 3/4 length polyethylene pairs and our full length EVA foam pairs which are available in three colors; blue, white and black. Each pair is $350.00 and up to three additional pairs from your mold can be ordered for $100.00 per pair.

Our polyethylene pairs are optimal for wearing in men’s dress shoes, women’s dress shoes, runner’s shoes, boots and hiking boots and for anyone who is active and wants a tolerable, aggressive arch support during higher activity levels.

Our EVA option is a good option for people of all activity levels demanding additional comfort, tolerable support and is compatible with most styles of shoes. The full length option limits ability to be used in some men’s dress shoes and women’s dress shoes.

Both options offer great support! Our polyethylene option addresses heel pain and plantar fasciitis quickly. Our EVA option offers additional shock absorption for the heel and overall comfort. Both options are durable and tolerant to temperature changes whether you are running in AZ in July or climbing in AK in February!

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