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Hello everyone. Just putting a thought out there for those whom are considering foot orthotics for custom inserts. I receive numerous advertisements on the SoleymyFeet page from other orthotic companies selling inserts to address a number of issues, mainly plantar fasciitis. Sure, they may work for minor cases or for a short while, but what good is that?

The first thing I notice about these companies is that this is only one item they offer, along with numerous other products so orthotics are not their focus. Second is all the ‘space age’ technology and ‘state of the art’ inserts. Most of the materials used for making foot orthotics have been around for decades. Sure, they were developed through research in space programs, NASA and such, but decades ago. Third and most important, many of these orthotics do not properly fit your feet and thus do not correct the problems you are experiencing. Sit down and place these ‘space age’ orthotics under your feet and you will most likely see a significant gap between the orthotic and your arch. Support??? Or wrap one of the neoprene velcro wraps around your foot and ankle and see how well that fits into your shoe! I guarantee if you put an orthotic in your shoe and it forms while you are walking on it, it is just taking up ‘space’ shaping to your flat feet, not correcting the problem.

At SoleymyFeet orthotics are all we do! We have worked with these state of the art materials for decades and have found what works the best for a variety of foot issues. This is what sets us apart from other orthotic offers, ours custom inserts aremolded to your feet. Because they are custom molded we can aggressively correct and support your arches safely and get the optimal, long term results! And….we can do it all online! Guaranteed to fit AND offer relief or your money back! Check us out at Thanks for checking us out and Get up and GO!!


Do you deal with one of the following issues regarding the comfort of your feet, ankles, knees, hip and lower back?

flat feet

Pronation that can lead to heel pain, pain across the top of the foot, ankle instability and lateral knee pain.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will properly support the midfoot and lessen the discomfort and reduce any pain in a matter of days!

high arches

Can lead to pain in the arch, heel pain, ankle instability and medial pain in the knee. High arches may indicate supination of the foot which reduces the shock absorbency of the foot increasing heel pain and pain in the ball of the foot.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will provide dynamic support and lessen the discomfort and reduce any pain as you continue with your daily activities.!

plantar fasciitis

Heel pain resulting from the fascia across the bottom of the foot being stretched across the heel bone. This fascia connects the heel to the toes. When stretched, this can lead to severe pain. Plantar fasciitis commonly causes stabbing pain in the heel that usually occurs with your first steps after getting out of bed in the morning. Plantar fasciitis is more common in people who run. People who wear shoes with inadequate support also have an increased risk.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will lessen the discomfort and reduce the pain in a matter of days! Through years of experience and client feedback, SoleymyFeet has found that an aggressive, tolerable, dynamic orthotic provides great results in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.


Pain in the ball of the foot that is caused by the collapse of the transverse arch. The transverse arch distributes weight evenly across the ball of the foot. Metatarsalgia is the resulting of the arch collapsing putting undo pressure on one or more of the metatarsals.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will lessen the discomfort and reduce the pain by properly placing and positioning the met pad modification supporting the transverse arch.


A condition that results from undo pressure on the side of the first met head that may be caused by genetics, pronation (flat feet), or abnormal foot mechanics.

Custom orthotics from Soleymyfeet will help reduce the pressure put on the first met head and greatly improve the comfort of your feet!

shin splints

Are common in runners with flat feet. The excessive pronation can lead to pain in the front of the leg along the shin.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will help position the feet, support the arches and reduce the pain in a matter of days!

knee pain

Knee pain can be the result of a foot anomaly. The pain can be general throughout the knee joint or specific to a particular side.

Custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet will correct the position of the foot, thus realigning the angle of the knee and reduce the discomfort in the knee capsule.

Leg length discrepancy

According to current medical literature, between 40 and 70 percent of us experience one leg being longer than the other. It can be just a fraction of an inch to almost a half an inch difference. This can lead to ankle, knee, hip and lower back issues depending on how it affects your gait pattern. Up to 3/8 of an inch can be accommodated in an orthotic if that is something you have been diagnosed with. Any more than that, it is recommended to have your shoes built up to appropriately and safely accommodate the difference.

“My passions include hiking, fishing, camping and sometimes combining all or some of them with adventure riding. Last year the bottom of my heels had so much pain that I was limiting the things that I love to do. The pain was most pronounced in the morning, but continued all day long. I even went as far as having a cortisone shot in one of my heels. That wore off quickly and I was back to square one. After doing my own research I found Paul’s team and quickly purchased a pair of their custom orthotics. The improvement happened quickly and this year I have not skipped any opportunities to get outside and live my normal active lifestyle. I now have a pair of orthotics in every pair of shoes and riding boots that I own. I highly recommend SolemyFeet to anyone that is not ready to accept foot pain as a reason to slow down.” TST

See what SoleymyFeet custom molded orthotics can do to get you back on your feet….comfortably! Or your money back!