Why Custom Molded and Professionally Modified Foot Orthotics?

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in your lower back, hips, knees or feet? Have you been diagnosed with a foot issue? Would you like additional support and comfort for your feet? Custom molded, corrective arch supports (orthotics) can help your feet feel better whether in the office for a long day at work, participating in your favorite fitness activity, or just walking around your neighborhood. At SoleymyFeet we understand the complexity of human locomotion and the need to be comfortable in order to keep up with daily activities and help maintain your active lifestyle. SoleymyFeet foot orthotics are different than the standard insoles, inserts or arch supports. Most manufacturers’ orthotics are mass produced or claim to be custom when they are in fact generic with added padding or posting. Many in the industry are using flawed impression techniques while other custom orthotics are made from material too rigid to correctly support the feet. At SoleymyFeet we start by taking a proper, static foot impression. We then use proven, dynamic material to fabricate your orthotics. Using such materials allows our professionals to modify your orthotics according to issues identified, providing you with aggressive treatment and guaranteed results!

Do you enjoy sports and athletics?

Are you an athlete in need of improved support or additional comfort? With medically designed orthotics you will have the athletic edge over your competition.

Does your job keep you on your feet?

Does your job leave you with foot pain or tired and sore feet? Medically designed orthotics will give you the added support and comfort you need and deserve!

Were you diagnosed with a foot issue?

Have you been diagnosed with a foot issue requiring orthotics? Don’t go with the out of box orthotic. A medically designed and modified orthotic will prove to be the best option.

Are you simply looking for improved comfort?

Life has us all very busy. Sometimes we just need a little extra support and comfort in our shoes. Don’t rely on the standard inserts, get custom designed and modified for your feet!