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Retired from your everyday work shoes and not enjoying your favorite activity shoes?

Congratulations!  So, you hung up your heels and dress shoes after years of faithfully fulfilling your work obligations.  But that does not mean you have to hang up other shoes that you use for all your favorite activities:  golfing, tennis, running, walking, etc.  If foot pain is keeping you off the links, courts, or trails, see what SoleymyFeet can do to help you get back in those shoes!

I am honored for all the opportunities I have had to get folks back into the activities they have loved all their life after they seemed unapproachable due to chronic foot pain just when they had ample time to enjoy!  Participating in the above-mentioned activities are really hampered by plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, flat feet or high arches.  It may be the heel pain from the impact of walking or jogging, the pressure on the ball of the foot anticipating that serve or the pivotal forces put on your feet as you drive that tee shot.  Custom molded foot orthotics from SoleymyFeet can certainly reduce the pain and discomfort and improve your performance and enjoyment!

Whether your activity is along the beaches in FL, TX, CA, or MI, or on a tennis court or golf course any place else in America, fill out your order form online today and get the relief to get back to what you love and so deserve to enjoy now that the alarm is set for a tee time, not the time clock!  It’s risk free.  Guaranteed or your money back!  Check us out at

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How should a custom molded foot orthotic fit?

That’s a great question. There are many reasons for being fitted with an orthotic. A lot of today’s footwear provides a simple, generic support of the longitudinal arch and/or heel cushioning to help with the comfort of your feet.

There are also many generically fit inserts to help address issues that come with the feet, be it changes in the foot structure as we age, aggressive use or high endurance activity. These may also provide some simple correction to the progressing problems.

Custom molded foot orthotics on the other hand optimize the support and correction if necessary to your feet. Your feet are as individual as your fingerprints. No two are exactly alike! When you combine the overall structure of your body, your movement of that structure, and the way your feet accommodate and support that structure and its movement, we are all different!

At SoleymyFeet we believe that the proper support and positioning of your feet has to be intimate, supportive and dynamic. When you place most orthotics under your feet in a seated position, you will notice a gap between your relaxed, natural arch position and the apex of the orthotic. We have found through years of experiment and most of all, customer feedback, that a dynamic arch support that matches the shape of your relaxed foot will optimally support the foot and correct the complications that you have been experiencing. When you get your custom molded orthotics from SoleymyFeet, you will notice that they fit your feet with no gaps when you place them under your relaxed foot. This allows maximum support and correction that is very tolerable, thus successful in the treatment of so many foot pain issues. .

And what do we mean by dynamic? A foot orthotic that intimately fits the shape of your foot, provides aggressive support yet flexes in all planes of movement as you walk, run, climb, pedal, jump, pivot, hike on trails, etc., making them very tolerable. The foot is very complex having numerous points of articulation through the progression of different movements. The materials SoleymyFeet uses in the design of your orthotics support like a rigid material, but move with your foot in all planes of motion, not just linear. We don’t just move in a straight line. SoleymyFeet orthotics provide optimal support and correction in all your planes of progression!