xWhy Custom Designed Orthotics

Custom Molded for Your Feet

Do you wish everyday felt like walking on the beach? Sand between your toes, supporting your feet and giving you a relaxing feeling to your tired feet. Custom molded, corrective arch supports (orthotics) can help you get that feeling whether in the office for a long day at work, participating in your favorite fitness activity, or just walking around your neighborhood. Custom molded orthotics made from a direct impression of your feet will certainly help make your feet feel supported and relaxed regardless of the activity you are involved in!

At SoleymyFeet we are different than any other popular arch support store. We understand the complexity of human locomotion and the need to be comfortable in order to keep up with daily activities and help maintain your active lifestyle. Our motto, Get up and GO! addresses the importance of comfortable feet to fulfill that motto! Not by taking a scan or you walking across a pressure plate, but actually making your one of a kind orthotic directly from a controlled impression of your foot. Every foot is different. At SoleymyFeet, no two orthotics are alike. Each one is an exact model your foot.

Very professional and does great work at a reasonable price.
Paul is just a good person to deal with.” BVC

We invite you to explore our site and see how custom molded orthotics address foot issues in an affordable, corrective, comfortable way. So please let us know how we can be of assistance!